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Friday, June 25, 2010


before the surgery there was barely a little hard lump. It felt like a pebble under her skin. Now there's a huge squishy mass. Ouch. I know better than to trust modern medicene. idont know why i allowed them to cut her open here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010




lucky surfers at Imperial Beach.

Monday, June 21, 2010




wednesdays entry iwonder if it made it into the blog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i always wonder if she intends to make herself puke or if the grass simply tastes good &she likes it while she eats then regrets as she barfs....



elevator bed

like princess &the pea... :)

camping yay

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enough for barefeet and boardshorts.... well, all the way up to the seat, anyway. during a walk. ;)



Thursday AM Walk

so isurrendered to dog's will near the end of our walk just a short beach block from home. iwent the few more yards, perched on the rocks & considered the ocean.... And my pain; it's like tidal waves. She lay down & wouldnt get up. So i sat. Looking over my shoulder to check on her, ifelt relief at the sight of a guy with apowertool--that always makes her move!
But she endured the leafblower noise & ihad to smile. Of course! Anxious to abandon my reflections, we could get four houses south, be home & there, there are many distractions. Needless to say, probably, ijumped back to the street to photograph dog situated so close to loudnoise. &true to form, SHE jumped up &spoiled my picture. LOL!

Iwanted to shoot it anyway, her trotting down the sidewalk with landscaping dude in the background, when the man who'd been collecting stones on the beach walked in & obstructed view of blower. &as ishifted to recompose the increasingly good scene-she got so far down. ifeel hopeless

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mydog is not busted but my morals are it seems. what sorta person am i really?

Both of the guards asked "What's her name again?" It was great! Not that they wanted her leashed, but i explained why we were out-no leash on either of us.
My next door elderly neighbor has a large, friendly, overweight dog who gets very excited to see us. She NEVER goes on awalk. I've asked/offered afew times &he's refused. Once she escaped so iretrieved her, dawdling on the return, thinking it'd be cruel to tease her &extend our trip as who knows when she gets another.!?

It may prove my honesty but only >justnow< ithink ishould've led her away, tied her securely, returned to condos empty-handed then hop in my truck, get her &find her agood home.

Oh OUCH! Not honesty! This proves my complicity. The other bigdog who lives there gets walked while she stays on ashort rusty chain, only afew feet to move.

Iponder if it's acase when i ought set aside morality of not stealing (this guy's dog) in favor of giving her chance for a decent life.

Your comments &emails very appreciated....